An all purpose typeface

The prototypeface Ecocide is a crime has five weights: thin, light, regular, bold and heavy, and there’s an italic version for the regular weight. The fonts are available in OpenType format (otf) that can be installed on any computer. Besides that, woff-files are available that are suitable to be used on websites and in apps. Furthermore, the typeface is designed in such a way that the legibility is excellent even at very small sizes. 
Ecocide affects our daily life in many ways. We designed a typeface that makes it possible to literally protest against it in as many ways as possible, from thin to heavy, digital or in print, in the smallest captions as well as the biggest headlines: ecocide is a crime.

Connected to nature


A character that got a special design is the at-sign. In this typeface it doesn’t encircle the letter a, but a heart shaped leaf. It can be used as the at-sign in any other typeface; at the same time it is a symbol that strengthens our connection to nature. 

Prototype available


The prototype of ‘Ecocide is a crime’ is available on request. Just send us an e-mail with your name and address and we will send you the fonts free of charge. We appreciate it when you let us know if you have suggestions to improve the typeface or to extend the collection of icons.

The friendly e of eco-friendly


How can you recognise the typeface ‘Ecocide is a crime’? As described earlier, the period is unique but mostly too small to perceive the Stop Ecocide-symbol. Quite unconventional is the lowercase e. The ‘eye’ of this character hasn’t got the usual straight bar, but a gentle curve, that makes it (eco-)friendlier.

Make a point


‘Ecocide is a crime’ contains several characters that have a special design. The most subtle one is the period. It is similar to the symbol for the campaign Stop Ecocide. At small sizes it looks just as a black circle, but when you zoom in, the symbol becomes visible. Every time you type a period, you make a point: stop ecocide! Full stop #stopecocide

An iconic font

#shark #solarenergy #plasticsoup #lotus #hummingbird

The prototype of the ‘Ecocide is an international crime’ typeface contains thirty three icons. These icons can be accessed by typing the related word preceded by a hashtag. The icons represent animals, plants and elements, as well as threats to the ecosystem and possible solutions. An overview of all icons is shown in the type specimen.


This website was designed by Monica Hajek ( and Tally Schmeits (, in cooperation with Sander Neń≥nens and Ivo van Leeuwen. The prototype version of ‘Ecocide is a crime’ has been applied throughout.